Cinnamon Cereal Milk Whey Protein
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Whey Protein Cinnamon Cereal Milk

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Cinnamon Cereal Milk Whey Protein Contains an incredible 75% protein, while most other brands of protein contain less than 70%.

Ultra-filtered whey, providing the highest biological value of any protein source. This makes it ideal for building lean muscle.

Contains both Papain and Protease for protein absorption, as well as Whey Isolate and BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) for protein synthesis is absorbed immediately, flooding your muscles with key amino acids. This makes the perfect protein to take immediately after your workout, when your muscles crave protein the most.

 Serving size - 28

  • 25g Protein per Serving
  • Added Whey Isolate for Protein Synthesis
  • Digestive Enzymes for Absorption
  • Cold-Processed Whey Protein
  • Ultra-Filtered Whey
  • Natural BCAA's for Fast Recovery
  • Mixes Easily ( No Clumps or Chalky Taste)