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the best Vegan Protein on the market Chocolate
Best Vegan Protein Chocolate
Vegan Protein Chocolate

Vegan Protein Chocolate

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Vegan Protein from Trinity Nutrition Lab is made up of three Vegan Proteins Quinoa, Brown rice and Pea Isolate. These amazing all natural ingredients provide the ultimate PLANT POWER with amino acids, vitamins and minerals that your body needs. These proteins are also higher in fiber which will aid in weight loss and weight management. 

Vegan Protein by Trinity Nutrition Lab contains no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. This along with the unique protein blend will help relieve stress on your digestive system. A blend of 11 different super-fruits provides antioxidants to help you with your overall health 

  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • Lactose and Gluten free
  • No Artificial flavors, Colors or Sweeteners